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작성일 : 15-01-29 17:16
[Options] Vacuum Compatibility
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  SmarAct positioner는 대기압 상태에서의 사용뿐만 아니라 High Vacuum (HV,  10-6 mbar) 또는 Ultra High Vacuum (UHV, 10-11  mbar)의 환경에서도 사용할 수 있습니다.

  SmarAct는 진공어플리케이션에 사용되는 피드쓰루 (Feedthrough), 플러그 및 케이블까지 제공합니다. 요청하시면 고객 각각의 어플리케이션에 최적화된 시스템을 제공해 드립니다.

Vacuum Compatibility



High Vacuum (HV) Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) Ultra High Vacuum (UHVT)
Pressure   Down to  10-6  mbar Down to 10-11 mbar
Wiring Teflon insulated wires Teflon insulated stranded  wires with braids Kapton
insulated stranded wires
Teflon insulated stranded  wires with braids
Grease Standard grease HV compatible grease Grease free, ceramic coated guideways
Sensor Options Nano and microsensors Only nanosensors available for vacuum environment
T (Bake-Out)   On demand 130 ℃ Recommended 130 ℃ (max. 150 ℃)



  LEMO feedthroughs Metal or ceramic multipin as well as PEEK D-SUB 15
-O-ring tightened by a screw nut -Feedthrough welded into a flange
- Flanges available on request -Multipin with brass, nickel, chrome, stainless steel
-Electronics outside the vacuum chamber -DN40CF or DN63CF flange, other sizes on request
  -Electroincs outside the vacuum chamber